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The best in the business

Partnering with Ochs puts years of advanced training and expertise at your service. Under our big picture oversight, we create the best possible team of highly skilled workers for every project, and make sure that each job fits your overall plan and priorities. 

Our Process


We start with a full assessment of your property, giving you a straightforward view of issues and possibilities so you can plan ahead with confidence.


We give you a unique dashboard of fully scoped options. Your Customer Choice portal offers simple menu pricing to help you prioritize and forecast budgets.


We give detailed statements of work and stand by them with our No Surprises policy. You get a fully transparent progress report every day to hold us to it. 


We help you do a well-scoped RFP and contractor selection process, including contracts and documents.


We match you with the right experts for every job—and we have the capacity to handle any need and any timeline.


We manage every aspect of every project to keep you on time and on budget.


We follow-up with proactive warranty inspections, identifying and handling any problems before they start.

Concrete Truck

Our standards

We only work with the region’s best craftsmen. Developed over years of careful observation and vetting, our teams are made up of experts highly trained in their fields. Our workers give you more than muscle; we’re certified in the science and engineering of concrete, asphalt, and masonry.

Our commitment

We stand behind our work with the industry’s best warranty. Within the first year after completing a job, we come out for inspections without being asked, so we can spot and address any issues before you or your tenants notice. Then, after we make sure the work checks out, we extend the warranty for an additional year.

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