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Excavation & drainage

Ochs Site Services handles start-to-finish excavation for drainage and underground wet utilities including installation, maintenance, and emergency services. Our network of nearly 200 experienced team members gives us the flexibility to handle the most complicated jobs and the tightest timeframes.

  • Water mains
  • Sanitary lines
  • Storm lines
  • Sink holes
  • Land clearing
  • Water detention systems
  • Drainage
  • Water management systems
  • Line repair
  • Underground utilities
  • Erosion control
  • Mass earth clearing
  • Site assessment
  • Inspections
  • Emergency response

We help you understand the full scope and condition of your underground structures so you can make informed decisions about priorities and plan for the future to avoid unnecessary costs. Our expert teams conduct full inspections, including running cameras underground to identify root causes and potential issues before they cause a major problem.



We handle excavation from start to finish, including site surveys, helping you choose the best system or approach for your needs, clearing land, digging and grading, and installing water mains, sanitary lines, storm water detention systems, and more.



We help you manage your underground wet utilities to prevent expensive emergencies before they start. Cleaning your storm lines and structures can help to keep your systems functional over the long-term.



In the event of a water main break, sanitary line failure, or sink hole, our team provides immediate assistance to our customers. Our emergency response time is under two hours from the time of your call and extends to full solutions for any issue.

Emergency response

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